You Matter

You Matter

So I was scrolling through Instagram a few months ago and saw this post on the Shaderoom talking about eligible bachelors (RANDOM, I know). One of the men made a point to state that "if god don't know her, I don't want her". He did go on to specify that she doesn't have to be religious in the traditional sense, but that spiritually was very important. Although this was the spark that triggered the inner dialog that followed, my thoughts were in no way based upon how I could make myself more appealing in the dating world. 
So I started to think about my own spirituality and how I would define it for myself, especially considering how it has morphed over the past few years. So after thinking about it for a while, I started thinking that with a higher level of consciousness, even just global awareness, comes a higher level of spirituality, and that even though I try to look at the world from as unbias of a perspective as I can, there is always going to be a level of bias in me. This is based on the fact that every single person, their perceptions and how they view the world is based on how they were raised, their genetic predispositions, and a number of other unique factors.  

And so, looking at the globe from a heavenly point of view, I came to the understanding that I, as just one person, am a minute, tiny, itsy bitsy dot as it relates to the world and all it encompasses. If we include plants and animals, and then humans, and different races, and different cultures, the deepest parts of the ocean, and the highest mountain peaks, the valleys and caves, and monuments, and everything that we as humans have been able to imagine and create. I am, on a large scale, nothing... 

But even though I am just an itsy bitsy dot, my life, my experiences, are everything to me. They are my entire world. My life is all that I can perceive in this world, and in addition to that, as minute as I am...I matter. Not just to myself. I matter to those people around me, that know me and love me, I matter to the community that I work for and serve, I matter even on a global spectrum as a citizen that has the power to literally impact the world, as seen by many of inventors, artists, musicians, entertainers, politicians. In addition to that, I matter from a negative perspective, the hatred and negativity that I could potentially put into the world could have global effects as well. And most importantly, I matter to God. As small of a speck as I am with all my flaws and quirks, and thoughts of self-doubt, and cockiness, and immaturity, and pessimism. I matter to God.  Every ant matters to God, every blade of grass matters to God, every fiber, every molecule matters... and when you look at the world like that, you can't help but be in awe...

As one of my first blog posts, I felt that it was important that I started off with pointing out the fact that although each and every one of us is on our own journey, they all intertwine in a way that has created the fabric of life... This blog is my way of highlighting my strand in the tapestry of life, in the hope that it will inspire and motivate others to live up to their own fullest potential #Cocoonwork.

***In reading this blog I would recommend a documentary on Netflix called "One Strange Rock". It outlines theories and philosophies that are currently assisting me to continue to develop my global beliefs. 
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