What is Cocoon Work

What is Cocoon Work

Since I was young I have always been infatuated with the concept of metamorphosis. How could this chunky caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly just by wrapping itself up and hanging on a branch for a few days? With a little bit of isolation and pressure, it completely transforms into its optimal form.  It is a process that I see replicated in us. There is a process that many of us go through in multiple aspects of our lives, that completely transforms the way in which we see ourselves and our world. In my case, the transition has been tremendous, spiritually, career-wise,  in relationships, even how I view myself physically. 

Cocoon work is the idea that everyone has to put in a level of conscious effort to manifest personal growth. At some point, individuals choose to grow and mature and learn from past experiences. This is a documentation of my processes, many of which I am still actively working on. Over the past two years, in particular, I found myself going through radical emotional, physical and spiritual transitions. These massive internal changes forced me to look internally in order to maneuver my inner thoughts and find some semblance of normality again. In the process, I have discovered insecurities and strengths that I never knew I had, and have started to understand and love myself on a much deeper level. 

This blog is an intimate analysis of my inner thoughts, most of which had never been shared with anyone prior to this point. The idea is not to just put all my business on Front Street, but to use myself as a vessel for other people’s self-awareness and enlightenment. It is a way for me to process some of my most intimate thoughts in the hope that it will show others that they are not alone in what they feel or think. This is Camille in the raw. In no way am I trying to convey that I have all the answers, but I am using myself as a case study for others who seek to better themselves holistically and have no idea of where to start. This blog is to be a safe place for ideas and dialog, and any negativity or judgment will not be tolerated. Although I am in no way limiting who can read or identify with my work, I will be speaking primarily from the perspective of someone in their late 20's early 30's, because that is where I'm at. Sooooo without further ado, let's get this #COCOONWORK.

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